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Kyle Larson Racing - Outlaw Sprint Kart Champion

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Kyle Larson Racing - Outlaw Karts, Midget Track Champion

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Kyle Larson Racing - Outlaw Karts, Midget Track Champion
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Kyle Larson Racing - Outlaw Karts, Midget Track Champion

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Hammmerdown USA website -
February  17, 2008

Positivity - By Bobby Gerould - ...That was sprint car racer Ryan Newman winning the Daytona 500 - taking the lead from sprint car racer Tony Stewart. I admit to shouting at no one - alone in my living room - watching the finish of the Daytona NASCAR spectacle. I am not a NASCAR hardcore in any shape or form but I am a sports fan and the Daytona 500 is a race I always keep tabs on. Duh. ...Anyway - I felt a sense of pride seeing so much attention on Stewart and Newman. Not that it matters at all - but I told my cats the race was over when Tony took the lead with his high side drive on the final restart. I recall talking with Newman about eleven years ago in Phoenix at the old Copper World on the mile when we did TNN's Race of the Week. My first thought about him was 'Man - this guy could be Glen Boune's brother - he looks so much like him'. About that same time - Stewart was winning those Midget and Silver Crown races on pavement. Kasey Kahne was making his pavement midget debut. The point is - in about another eleven years or so - some drivers that are kids now will be winning races on the biggest stages. ...Do you wonder which guys from the HammerDown! world will be running up front at Daytona in 2019? ...We've done this before - but it is time again to use the Racer's Racing Series point standings (from 2007) as a rough guide to list the best driver/racer from the world of sprint cars, midgets, and champ-dirt cars for each age. ...Age 14: Coleman Gulick. Age 15: Kyle Larson. Age 16: Cole Whitt (Shane Golobic). Age 17: Chris Windom. Age 18: Brady Bacon (Bryan Clauson, Robert Ballou). Age 19: Kevin Swindell (02/21 will be 19), (Kody Swanson). Age 20: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. Age 21: Lucas Wolfe (Darren Hagen). Age 22: Brad Sweet. Age 23: Bobby East, (Kraig Kinser). Age 24: Jesse Hockett. Age 25: Levi Jones. Age 26: Gary Taylor (Brad Kuhn, Roger Crockett, Mike Spencer). Age 27: T.J. Stutts, (Brian Brown, Sean Becker) Age 28: Bud Kaeding NOTE: Kaeding is trying to become the first driver in the 38-year history of USAC Silver Crown to claim three consecutive titles. Age 29: Daryn Pittman (Jason Meyers, Tim Kaeding). Age 30: Donny Schatz. Age 31: Jon Allard, (Shane Stewart, Jason Johnson ). Age 32: Jason Solwold. Age 33: Aaron Pierce, (Dave Steele). Age 34: Brian Paulus. Age 35: Joey Saldana. Age 36: Brooke Tatnell, (Kerry Madsen). Age 37: Paul McMahan. Age 38: Greg Hodnett. Age 39: ??? Age 40: Tim Shaffer. Age 41: Dave Darland. Age 42: Craig Dollansky. Age 43: Terry McCarl. Age 44: Dale Blaney. Age 45: ??? Age 46: Todd Shaffer. Age 47: Jeff Swindell. Age 48: Kenny Adams. Age 49: Danny Lasoski, (Jac Haudenschild, Gary Wright, Fred Rahmer). Age 50: Danny Smith, (Brent Kaeding). Age 51: Rip Williams. Age 52: Ed Lynch Jr. (Sammy Swindell, Kenny Jacobs ) Age 53: Steve Kinser. Age 54: Jimmy Sills. Age 57: Keith Kauffman. Age 63: Johnny Parsons Jr. ...The Calistoga Speedway winner's list was recently updated. ...Car counts at Manzanita for the Copper on Dirt: Midgets - 57, Sprint Cars - 44, Silver Crown cars - 17. The Copper on Dirt Silver Crown pays well enough to be a Racer's Racing Series points earning event but until the car count is higher it will remain outside of our top 60 features of the year. ...Speedy recovery wishes go out to both Troy Rutherford, and Marty Boyer. Rutherford is in a So-Cal hospital with a rare blood related virus. He has been in the crash house for a while and is said to be improving. ...Boyer is a great guy who loves midget racing. He recently suffered a stroke. He has helped many in their introduction to the Belleville High Banks - where Marty is like the "Mayor" according to Chris Lovett. Information on his current condition is here. ...Midget Madness has information on how people can help.Direct donations can be sent to: Duane Boyer - 1112 N St. Belleville, KS 66935. ....Were you at Calistoga Speedway in 1973? I need to know who the winning car owners were for the nine feature events contested under the NARC sanction. Please email me if you know. (More Positivity)

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