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Kyle Larson Racing - Outlaw Sprint Kart Champion

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Kyle Larson Racing - Outlaw Karts, Midget Track Champion

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Kyle Larson Racing - Outlaw Karts, Midget Track Champion
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Kyle Larson Racing - Outlaw Karts, Midget Track Champion

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Kyle Larson Racing

Calistoga Speedway ~ August 30, 2008
Louie Vermeil Classic
USAC Western Midget Car Series  and
Lucas Oil USAC/CRA Sprint Car Series

Photos Courtesy of Steve's Racing Photos

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2008-08-30stoga-usac_2164.jpg (180656 bytes)
Louie Vermeil
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2145.jpg (182069 bytes)
Wine Tasting
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2144.jpg (181146 bytes)
at Calistoga
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2165.jpg (159931 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac_2161.jpg (154769 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac_2156.jpg (141950 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2141.jpg (185422 bytes)   2008-08-30stoga-DickVermeil_2146.jpg (154391 bytes)
   Dick Vermeil & Kyle
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2143.jpg (162056 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2133.jpg (130415 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac_2135.jpg (146469 bytes) 2008-08-30Stoga-00204.jpg (154997 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usac2_2196.jpg (143612 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usacVermeil.jpg (156390 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac_2176.jpg (152859 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usac-15_230.jpg (166405 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac-34_230.jpg (170628 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac-72_230.jpg (137433 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usac-5_2313.jpg (142293 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac-7_2315.jpg (179356 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac-8_2301.jpg (184977 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2307.jpg (170918 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac_2302.jpg (188167 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac56Vanco.jpg (157092 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usacVconett.jpg (88661 bytes)
LeRoy VanConett
2008-08-30stoga-usacVanCone.jpg (111154 bytes)
Walter T.Ross Sprint
2008-08-30stoga-usac-56_234.jpg (76759 bytes)
LeRoy taking a lap
2008-08-30stoga-usac-1_2339.jpg (82469 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac5-_2340.jpg (85869 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac_2343.jpg (79596 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usacVmeil_2.jpg (94420 bytes)
Taking a lap
2008-08-30stoga-usac7vermei.jpg (91896 bytes)
    Dick Vermeil
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2369.jpg (71322 bytes)
Bobby & Dick Vermeil
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2376.jpg (91437 bytes)
Our favorite racing announcer:
Bobby Gerould
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2373.jpg (101206 bytes)
Bobby Gerould  &
The Vermeil  Family
2008-08-30stoga-usacEvelyn_.jpg (84015 bytes)
"The voice in the pits"
2008-08-30stoga-usac_2182.jpg (156980 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac_2180.jpg (95484 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usac1_2184.jpg (162689 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usacFaas40_.jpg (94949 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usacLarson2.jpg (110363 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usacPierovi.jpg (79880 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usacHansen7.jpg (71606 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usacGardner.jpg (69198 bytes) 2008-08-30stoga-usacBKaedin.jpg (71224 bytes)
2008-08-30stoga-usac-hocket.jpg (89874 bytes)

2008-08-30stoga-usacKrusema.jpg (111976 bytes)

2008-08-30stoga-usac-swinde.jpg (90137 bytes)

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